What is Lienzo?

Lienzo is a video game development studio located in Chihuahua, Mexico. We create experiences that are up to the quality standard of this creative international industry. In short, our goal is to make awesome games. We make video games for gamers!


Release date: February 27th, 2018

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PC

Mulaka: Origin Tribes is a 3D adventure game based on the stories, myths, and legends of the Tarahumara (or Rarámuri) indigenous tribe.

In Mulaka, you’ll take control of our protagonist, a Sukurúame, and aid him in his quest to gain the demigods’ trust and stop the 4th destruction of the world.

  • Experience the beautiful locations of the Tarahumara landscape!
  • Battle huge enemies along your adventure!
  • Find herbs and use their potion abilities!
  • Master Mulaka’s spear in combat!
  • Use the Rarámuri’s famous running abilities to your advantage!


Hunter’s Legacy

Release date: July 19th, 2016 on PC, January 2017 on XO & PS4 

Platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox One & PS4

Hunter’s Legacy is a 2D action-platform title that takes place in Universe of Something, a world filled with new original characters and settings.

In Hunter’s Legacy, you control Ikki, huntress of Un’Amak, a bipedal cat equipped with a variety of weapons and abilities, including swords and a bow and arrows.

  • Find the path to your next objective in a big connected world (hand-holding not included)!
  • 2D old school action-platforming at its finest!
  • Experience a frenetic adventure filled with dozens of enemies!
  • Battle your enemies while you enjoy an adrenaline pumping soundtrack!
  • Hit them with your swords or shoot them with your bow and arrows!
  • Find hidden secrets to purchase upgrades! Trust us, you’ll need them!



LienZone is a bi-weekly video series from us game developers at Lienzo where we discuss various aspects of our lives as game makers, our thoughts on the industry, and occasionally some random stuff.


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19 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi, Just got here from a post on facebook.

    Is there a chance i could ask some questions?

    In what way do you work with the Tarahumara (or Rarámuri) indigenous tribe?
    Do you have plans with working with other tribes in the future, or is this just a one time thing?
    Also can i be part of your team? haha

    Thanks, im just interested in starting a company with my tribe and any ideas could help

    • We’re working closely with a cultural expert on everything that has to do with the Tarahumara community. We also approached some leaders of Tarahumara tribes to talk about the idea of the game and get their blessing, but we’re mostly collaborating with this expert. In regards to plans of working with other tribes in the future, we have nothing to announce at the moment, but it’s not ruled out.

  2. Estoy muy emocionado por el lanzamiento de Mulaka y me gustaría felicitar a todo el equipo de lienzo por tomar algo que es parte de nuestra cultura chihuahuense y moldearlo en un videojuego con el respeto que se merece. Felicidades y espero con ansias el release! Saludos

  3. Hi! I can see you have great games! Soo cool, i like them. Im still in high school but i hope i could work with you in the future. My dream is to become a great and famous programmer in the video games world.

  4. Paisanos… Hasta el día de hoy me acabo de enterar de este gran juego! Lo mejor de todo es que es elaborado por un estudio mexicano.. no cabe duda que hay talento en México, y que a pesar de ser un estudio pequeño tengan la capacidad de crear algo tan hermoso y digno como este juego solo se puede hacer con las manos de mexicanos. No tuve oportunidad de hacer mi participación en kickstarter,todavía existe algún modo de apoyarlos?, Saludos y no se detengan!

  5. Hola, First, let me congratulate the entire Mulaka team on an historic accomplishment of creating a visually gorgeous game that makes learning about an indigenous Mexican tribe’s culture internationally accessible and targets young people. As the coordinator of Bridgewater State University’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies program, I invite you to be our keynote speaker at our annual Carnival Week in March 19, 2018. We are located in Bridgewater, MA, 45 mins South of Boston. I know you are very busy finishing the game but we would be so honored if you could come and speak to our students and faculty as our theme this year is Creative Resistance. Please let me know if you’re interested.

  6. Se ve muy chido Mulaka, los apoyaré con este juego en switch (es la que tengo), me interesa el acercamiento a la cultura y además se ve que está implementada de una manera atractiva para el jugador.

  7. I’m drooling from playing this game, I love low poly style and well done for achieving this gorgeous game. I’m learning 3D design and I’m particularly focused on low poly style. My question is, how do you choose the color palette, how do you make your low poly mesh looking so bright and beautiful like that? Is there any resources, tutorial to learn & approach this kind of game style? I appreciate you time for reading me and keep up the good work!

  8. Hey Lienzo team, I’m Rocky.
    I’ve become extremely expired by Mulaka, it’s one of my favorite games in my switch library right now, wasn’t long, wasn’t a grind game, and always something new around each and every corner.

    I have been using Unity for about a year now and blender for 3, I found this game because of my love for low poly art and creating it, I searched up “low poly games” and this one really fought my eye, so when I heard this was made with Unity, I just had to say wow, I always associated Unity with bad first games and awful 3D shooters, so seeing this really inspired me to try to make my own game, I’ve done some of the graphics, but I really have quite a few questions that I would really love if you helped me with, as this comment is already getting long, just add me on discord if you are interested in helping at all. If not I understand, but if so my discord is Rocky#0810. All in all though, I loved this game so much and I’m planning on 100%ing it during summer. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next, keep up the great work!

  9. Mire mulaka en Nintendo switch y me gusto la adaptacion de una cultura mexicana en un video juego, necesitamos ideas frescas y nuevas propuestas, gracias de ante mano (me uno a su grupo) ⛰⛰

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