Aztech Forgotten Gods Launching Q1 2022, New Demo Coming Soon

Hello gamers!

We know that you are eagerly awaiting news on Aztech Forgotten Gods. Today we’re happy to provide an update regarding our upcoming title. Aztech is by far the largest project we’ve had the pleasure of working on. It’s been a tremendous endeavor and we are excited for people to experience what we believe will be a very special game. However, a game like this, requires a lot of attention to detail, which in turn, requires time. We don’t want to compromise the game experience by rushing to a deadline, which is why we have decided to move our release window to early 2022. This allowed the team additional time to keep working on Aztech in a safe, healthy manner before release.

That said, we know that you expected to play Aztech during the Fall, and we want to deliver on that promise. We are happy to announce that you will be able to play a Demo version of Aztech Forgotten Gods during the Steam NEXT Fest in a few short weeks.

We want players to have the best possible experience in the amazing world the team has created. The first-ever Aztech Forgotten Gods demo gives us the chance to share the latest updates to the game and the opportunity to invite players into Tenochtitlan ahead of our Q1 2022 launch!

Coatlicue, The All-Mother

Aztech’s first playable demo highlights a showdown against Coatlicue, the All-Mother Goddess, and a slice of Tenochtitlan for players to explore. We want you to get a taste of Aztech’s story-driven plot, immerse yourself into a city ripe for exploration, and face off against a gargantuan goliath in this adrenaline-filled slice of the game. You can download the Aztech Forgotten Gods demo on Steam beginning Friday, October 1, 2021 through Thursday, October 7, 2021.

We appreciate all of your patience and continued support.

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