Mulaka Physical Edition Release Date Delayed

Hello gamers,

We have an important update regarding Mulaka’s physical edition’s release date.

Mulaka Physical Edition won’t be releasing at the end of February as originally scheduled. The release will instead be moved to Summer 2020.

Since the announcement, late last year, we have received plenty of messages from you all, showing interest in Mulaka and the upcoming physical edition. Your passion has reinvigorated our enthusiasm and has pushed us to work even harder to create a cool and memorable product.

This is why, on top of the already announced physical edition, we are also working on a limited Collector’s Edition. A version of the physical edition which will come with additional inserts and neat surprises!

We will have more details about the Collector’s Edition soon, however, in order to have everything ready and polished for release, we need the additional time. We apologize for the longer wait, and we hope that you understand why we are making this decision. We want to deliver on the best possible physical release for all of our fans out there.

We are still extremely excited to bring Mulaka to you in this new way and we are grateful for your patience!

On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,

Guillermo Vizcaíno
Head of PR and Marketing.

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