Development is getting intense!


Development of Mulaka is getting more intense each day! We’re now working on building a new level based on Paquimé, an archaeological zone in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Paquimé is considered as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Such an honor!

While the level is not ready for the public, we’d like to show you some concepts for enemies in this area and their attacks!

Mantis attack 2Mantis attack

This week, we were positively surprised when our most popular local newspaper featured, on the very first page, a header with Mulaka! Along with it, a full page of information of the game and our studio was included. We owe all of this to our wonderful community!

Mulaka en El Heraldo

Almost two weeks ago, we went to a local festival, the Children and Youth Festival of Arts and Science 2016. We’d love to go to your event as well! Feel free to message us anytime.


By the way, are you ready for Hunter’s Legacy? We’re getting close to the release of a public demo packed with content! As soon as it’s available, we’ll tell you right away! We’ll appreciate if you play it, have tons of fun and give us some feedback.

hunters legacy logo

Ikki combat gif 1


We’ll be writing back shortly with more news and screenshots to show you!

On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,


Adolfo Aguirre

Producer & Marketing Manager

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