Lienzo for the world!

Hello, friends!

At Lienzo, we feel absolutely honored to have people care about what we’re doing. It’s still something unbelievable to us. Lately, we’ve been thinking what can we do to repay you and keep you more involved in our process, and we think we might’ve reached an idea.

Starting today, we’ll be sending to all members of our community a newsletter every couple of weeks to stay in touch and keep you all updated! The contents of the newsletter will be posted here in our blog as well, so you can read them with the full glory of our website’s design. If you haven’t subscribed, click here!

Our goal? We want to tighten our relationship with all of you to the point where you can consider us friends (maybe even best friends!). Let’s begin, then!

Our excitement is increasing as we’re getting closer to releasing Hunter’s Legacy! If you’re a fan of old-school platformers and enjoy a challenge, you’ll love this one.


We’re currently having local players come to test the full beta version of the game. We’re just polishing some stuff and we’re set! Oh, and we’ll be announcing our public demo plans very soon. 😉


A few weeks ago, we were on New York City at an event called Different Games presenting a few topics about video game development in Latin America. We also put a playable demo of Hunter’s Legacy for attendees at the expo. The reception was very positive and we can’t thank you enough for all your support. Without the help of our community we wouldn’t be able to reach all these new people.


We were also invited to show the game at a local event at a Volkswagen location in our city. Our friends there held a small expo dedicated to games and entertainment and we had the wonderful honor of being invited. A short demo for Hunter’s Legacy was available there for attendees to play. The funny thing is that only one player managed to beat it. Are you willing to take the challenge?


Also, this Saturday April 30th we’ll be having a talk about our studio and projects at the Children and Youth Festival of Arts and Science 2016. The festival takes place here in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico, and we’ll be talking to people about who we are, what is Mulaka, and we’ll be running a demo of Hunter’s Legacy. If you’re in the area, please stop by and support us!


We were invited as well by our incredible friends at Infectados and Hits FM 104.5 Chihuahua two times to a radio show during the last few weeks. Also, we were invited as guests to an episode of the Ritual Misery Podcast. Every time we have an opportunity like this is always an honor!

We’ve received some messages from people asking us about Mulaka. Some of you are confused if Mulaka is happening at all given that we’re about to release another game. Rest easy! Mulaka is absolutely happening. In fact, at this very moment everyone at Lienzo is working on its production. Here is our official statement on the matter.

Do you want an update of Mulaka? Well, if you insist! We’re about to reach a major milestone for the project. An entire level of the game will be based around the Samalayuca Desert and it’s almost done! Creating a desert level in a game is always a challenge due to its open nature, but we managed.



If you haven’t noticed, we made some changes in our website. Our homepage now features a summary about us and our games and we moved our blog over to the News tab. Also, we now have a press kit! Check it out, it’s totally awesome. We put together as well an events page, where we’ll be posting every upcoming event where we’ll be participating. We expect you to come and say hello! Oh, and also, we put a small page for our content creator friends on YouTube and other sites to emphasize that we absolutely allow everyone to use our content in your videos and articles and monetize them freely.

We’ll be posting more updates soon! Be sure to stay tuned to our social media where we post screenshots, videos, and links regularly.


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,

Adolfo Aguirre

Producer & Marketing Manager

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