Paquimé gets the video game treatment

The beautiful archaeological site of Paquimé will appear in Mulaka and it’s your job to free the town from its invaders!

Paquimé postal

Paquimé postal 3


Last week we had the honor of being on a local TV show! We always love to attend these events and share news of our work with the community.  There’s a video on YouTube of our interview here (it’s in Spanish, though).

Lienzo en Solo Buenas Noticias


In the next days we’ll be sharing some BIG news in regards to Hunter’s Legacy. We’ll let you know right away, of course. The hype is here!


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Speaking of, we’re planning a developer commentary stream on Twitch for Hunter’s Legacy sometime during the next two or three weeks. How does that sound? Please let us know if there’s any specific date and time that suits you best. The stream will be in Spanish, but you can ask us any question in English and we’ll answer it for you on the stream. We can even arrange another stream in English if you really want that!


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,


Adolfo Aguirre

Producer & Marketing Manager


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