Save the Kingdom of Iripur (pun totally intended)!

Hello, gamers!

It’s been some weeks after we released Hunter’s Legacy on Xbox One & PS4 and we wanted to share with you some of our favorite videos and reviews of the game since our launch!

The wonderful people at Xbox Mexico published a video of our interview with Major Nelson!


Our good friend Louie Ortiz, a talented local musician, did a fantastic nighttime music piece of the game. It definitely inspired us!


CornshaqGaming did a great video review of Hunter’s Legacy.


Foul Mouth Productions did a fairly long and in-depth review of the game. As the name suggests, be wary of some foul language.


Also check out this great written reviews of the game:

  • Video ChumsHunter’s Legacy is an action-packed Metroidvania that gamers who love testing their mettle will enjoy immensely.
  • It’s hard not to recommend it to fans of Metroidvania titles.
  • Absolute GeeksThe platforming of this game is immensely challenging and gratifying, recalling the best moments of Shovel Knight in the process.
  • Mammoth Gamers: For the first game from the independent developer Lienzo, they hit their mark fairly well.
  • Dorkadia: Anyone in need of a challenging yet satisfying old school adventure game should pick this up.
  • Gamespew: One of the best of the genre I have played in years.

Stay tuned next week for a BIG REVEAL! Wanna know what’s coming next for us? 😉

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