Mulaka Trophies & Achievements Revealed


The trophies list of Mulaka was published yesterday (or perhaps leaked is a better word, hehe), so we might just as well reveal them properly to you! Yes, there is a platinum trophy on PlayStation 4. 😉

Below you’ll find the full list of the game’s trophies on PlayStation 4 and achievements on Xbox One and Steam. If you’d rather not know until the game’s release, then feel free to stop reading here, there aren’t any further announcements on this post.

 Psn_platinum_trophyPlatinum Soul

Get all other trophies.



Power Overwhelming (155 G)

Beat the game losing 8 souls total at most.



From the Top (130 G)

Beat the game.



Master Sukurúame (110 G)

Purchase all upgrades.



Friendly Fire (95 G)

Make an enemy kill another one by accident.



Swift Lancer (80 G)

Use all 6 combos at least once.



A Link Between Worlds (65 G)

Interact with all 26 ghosts in the game.



One With Nature (55 G)

Use each potion at least 20 times.



Finish Him (45 G)

Defeat 50 enemies using the finisher.



Warrior (40 G)

Defeat 200 enemies



Bear Stare (35 G)

Use the Bear transformation to defeat a Boss.



Property Damage (40 G)

Destroy 20 tents in Paquimé’s Market.



PETA’s been informed of your behaviour (35 G)

Attempt to hit a pheasant.



This is not Zel… that game (35 G)

Attempt to destroy a vase in Paquimé.



Light Feet (80 G)

Sprint for over a minute without stopping.



We heard some concerns about the Power Overwhelming trophy/achievement that requires you to beat the game without losing more than 8 souls. While this indeed is the most challenging one out of the list, it’s actually simpler than it sounds, we’ve seen people get it on their first try during testing of the game. Optional upgrades and potions that are acquired as you progress through the game make this task way more manageable.

Finding all the ghosts for the A Link Between Worlds achievement/trophy is another challenge, but nothing that a bit of exploration can’t do. Don’t fool yourselves, we know you’ll look for a guide anyways, cheaters. 😛

Happy hunting!


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