Lienzo Community Page on Facebook


One of the best parts of our job is connecting with the gamers, answering your questions, and simply talking with all the wonderful video game fans. So far, we’ve done this through our official pages on social media, but we want to have a more personal space where everyone who has been following Mulaka can interact and form a community around video games.

With that in mind, we have opened a Facebook group that will serve as the main hub of that community. This is a group for every one of us, whether we’re followers, fans, or developers of games, including us at Lienzo, to hang out in a safe space, meet people who love the same games we all do, play together, have discussions, share ideas, post your fan art, and interact with the team at Lienzo in a more personal manner. Let’s discuss the latest games, news, everything cool with the gaming industry, and your complaints about The Last Jedi.

You can join the group here and you’ll find the rules right there. The main language of this group is SPANISH given that our following in Facebook is overwhelmingly Latin American, but you’re free to post in English as well and meet international fans of video games. It will be a safe space that we’ll personally moderate and we hope that it can turn out to be a friendly place where we’ll be sharing all our excitement for the latest announcements from our favorite games.


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,


Adolfo Aguirre

PR & Publishing Manager

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