Mulaka announced for Xbox One & PlayStation 4!

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TL;DR: Mulaka is coming to Xbox One & PS4, as well as PC through Steam, later this year. The game is up for voting on the Games of Ours Awards and we thank you all involved in gaming for everything you’ve done!



The entire team at Lienzo has been working passionately on our biggest project to date and we now have some exciting news to share with you!

For all console gamers out there, Mulaka is now confirmed for release on Xbox One & PlayStation 4 later this year!

Mulaka consoles

Of course we haven’t forgotten about all the wonderful PC users out there! Mulaka had a very successful run on Steam Greenlight a few weeks ago and was greenlit in just 11 days! We got the news while at GDC 2017, so we were unable to tell you all about this fantastic achievement at the time but we can’t thank you enough for that! We’ll be creating the game’s store page on Steam very soon so you can add it to your wishlists!

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Mulaka is up for voting on the Games of Ours Awards by Artificial Creations! The link to vote is at the bottom of the page.

Games Of Ours Awards

That’s it for our news today! We hope you’re looking forward to enjoying Mulaka on PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4 later this year! Mulaka is our biggest effort to date, a project which began its design process back in 2014 and went through a long pursuit for funding in 2015. Its release is finally around the corner and we can’t be more excited about this.

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I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone reading this message. If you’re reading this, you’re involved in video games somehow, whether it is as a consumer, a creator, a journalist, or as someone who celebrates and enjoys this medium.

I dealt with some health issues during the past weeks that got me into the hospital. During my time there, gaming helped me cope with the stress and pain and got me thinking about the power behind video games. We regularly see video games as simple entertainment, tough to build and ship, but simple entertainment nonetheless. There are times when we don’t realize how they can be helping others in dealing with their problems. When thinking about games as a distraction, we often undermine the effects of entertainment, let alone an immersive experience, for people in vulnerable situations. If you’re contributing in some way to this industry, whether that is by creating, buying or letting other people know about games, you’re lending a hand to others in struggles that you don’t even know about.

To all gamers, thank you for playing games and supporting their developers. To all developers, thank you for creating wonderful experiences and pushing the best entertainment medium forward. To all journalists and content creators, thank you for telling everyone about the best content that we should all enjoy.

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At Lienzo, we’ll continue to do our best in contributing to the healthy growth of video games.

On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,

Adolfo Aguirre

Marketing & PR Manager

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