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A 3D adventure inspired by the Tarahumara culture!

The Game

Dive into Northern Mexico´s best landscape to experience the true life of a Sukurúame. The gods have judged the human race as a disappointment and want to destroy it so it can start again. It’s your duty to rally the demi-gods and gain their trust to save humanity!

The Gameplay

Action-adventure at its finest. Explore a 3D world inspired by real Sierra Tarahumara landscapes while solving puzzles, collecting magic herbs, fighting soul-eating foes, and running with the world-renowned Tarahumara prowess.

Made for Running

The Tarahumara have been called super athletes, super humans, and even The Greatest Race the world has never seen . All because of one thing: their running. Harness this amazing ability and engage in fast-paced gameplay to test your reflexes and maneuvering skills!

Magic and Combat

The Sukurúame is the shaman or warlock capable of interacting with the gods above, below and everywhere in between. He is also the most capable of facing mythical creatures like the gigantic Ganoko, the soul-eating Rusíwari or the fire-spitting Sipabuara. Sukurúames are skillful at melee combat and can create special magic potions to enhance their powers and gain new abilities. Obtain new powerful transformations from the mighty demi-gods throughout your quest and become a true Sukurúame!

The Process

Mulaka was designed hand in hand with renowned anthropologists and Tarahumara leaders to capture the true essence of the culture in the game. We have unearthed old books, crumbling texts and forgotten diaries and gotten the most playable elements, as well as the coolest myths and stories and recorded authentic Tarahumara dialogue. Everything has been done so you can experience the power and adventurous history of this culture.

The Culture Then

The Tarahumara was a powerful and dangerous tribe who occupied most of northern Mexico. Contrary to popular belief, they were conflictive and skilled warriors. There’s evidence of them clashing with Apaches, Conchos and other tribes, but never conquered by them. When the Jesuits arrived and started colonizing, they ran into 100 years of bloody conflict before being able to settle.

The Culture Now

The Tarahumara still live and have adapted to the modern world fairly well. They still have many of their ancient rites, myths and customs, but have mixed the catholic religion with their own. One can meet them face to face every day in the state of Chihuahua, and also see them living in the same prehistoric natural way scattered along the beautiful Sierra.

Help out!

Lienzo is a small studio in a place where game development is as rare as a Ganoko's sighting, so getting this far hasn't been easy. Please share with your friends and family and help us spread the word. Any help is of great value! The more people we can reach the more we can help the Tarahumara. Get involved!

Social Meaning

We will donate up to 10% of the game earnings to NGOs that focus efforts on the Sierra Tarahumara.


Culturally enforce the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Tarahumara through the national and international merchandising of their crafts.

Norawas de Raramuri

Non profit organization created by Micah True, AKA Caballo Blanco, to support the Tarahumara / Raramuri culture of the Copper Canyons.

Foundation Rodrigo Llaguno

Accompany and support Sierra Tarahumara communities to develop specialy in the children nutrition area, education, water safety and food.