‘Los XV de Rubí’ now on Android!



We’ve been observing the worldwide phenomenon that was the invitation turned viral video to the 15th birthday party of Rubí in Mexico. We wanted to have a bit of fun with that, so a small part of Lienzo developed a small game for Android devices!

Los XV de Rubí is a casual game where you have to shoot invitations to the highest amount of people you can by tapping the screen and make this the party of the year! The game is now available on Android devices and is absolutely free!



This is an alternate project for the studio and it DOES NOT represent our focus now and into the future. Lienzo’s priority is still in Mulaka, our adventure game based on the Tarahumara indigenous community, for its release in 2017 for PC and consoles, and Hunter’s Legacy, our 2D platformer coming to Xbox One & PlayStation 4 in January 2017. Tomorrow Saturday 17th we’ll show a new sneak peek into Mulaka, follow us on our social media sites!

On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,

Adolfo Aguirre

Marketing & PR Manager


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  • just for android, not for IOS?

    December 31, 2016
    • Adolfo Aguirre

      Not iOS, unfortunately. 🙁

      January 21, 2017

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