Behind Mulaka: The series’ finale is here!

Hello, gamers!

The third and final chapter of “Behind Mulaka”, a video documentary series that goes into the research process and creation of our upcoming action game, is now available! Part 3 goes into the importance of leveraging video games as a means of cultural preservation and communication through an engaging experience.


We hope you enjoyed this three-part video documentary series. If you haven’t watched Part 1 & Part 2 already, please partake in a journey through the Tarahumara culture and its mythological creatures. We put a lot of thought and care into this to give you an insight into the fantastic lore that is making its way into Mulaka. You’ll soon be able to play the full game in early 2018 (trust us, it’s sooner than you expect) for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PC.

We wish you all happy holidays and hope you enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones and, why not, play some cool games with them too!


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo.


Adolfo Aguirre

Marketing & PR Manager

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