A word about Mulaka

First time writing a Lienzo blog entry, yay!

For the last months we’ve been working on “Mulaka – Origin Tribes”, the first in a series of videogames centered around the Mexican origin tribes. We wanted to start with the closest tribe from us, and since we are from Chihuahua, we picked the Raramuris. Raramuris are worldwide famous marathon runners, but besides that, their history and legends are a true gaming story gem, a juicy colorful fruit capable of becoming the backbone of a great indie title.

logo mulaka

(Preliminary game logo)


In the past we have focused our work to different videogame market niches like advergaming, educational and mobile. However, this time we want to aim higher and work for something more ambitious, fun and cultural. We picture Mulaka as a serious 3D RPG game, capable of generating hours of entertainment while creating empathy in the player towards the Raramuri culture, which is, even locally, ignored and misunderstood.

6.8 Rusiwari Ataque

(Early sketch of a possessed enemy stone)


We’ve grown our team and bonded with 3D modelers and animators, musicians, anthropologist and historians. Mulaka shall tell the story of the prehispanic Raramuri, before colonization, in its most authentic and accurate form.


(Concept art of the same possessed enemy stone, in its spiritual form)


So we have the passion and the people. Still we’re missing something: money. Financing is an unavoidable topic because at the end, no matter how much you love making games, you still need the cash to fill your belly. So we are knocking doors and considering our possibilities. Investors, support from the Mexican government, and crowdfunding are some of our alternatives. Also you, given that you love the Raramuris and have capital to donate. If so please email us! No matter how, we are decided to set this project alive.


(Concept art of the deer demigod)


The team is really occupied right now working in a demo of the game, polishing Mulaka’s 3D model, doing concept, etc. so we don’t write blog entries very often. I promise we’ll change that. More blog please!

Thanks for reading.



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