Wear a Mulaka t-shirt on Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes!

Hello, gamers!

We’re just a few weeks into January and it’s already looking like 2019 is gonna be packed with games! This one is special to us, since our own Mulaka makes an appearance in it in the form of an in-game t-shirt! Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes launched today on the Nintendo Switch and features a variety of t-shirts inspired by some of the coolest indie games in recent years. The game marks the return of the legendary game director Suda51 and it was an honor to be picked by none other than him to be part of the roster!

Mulaka TravisThe clothes selection menu is seen on a gameplay video by Nintendo Minute here. Mulaka’s t-shirt is on the first row!

Let’s celebrate by uploading another piece of Mulaka’s soundtrack, sounds good? If you played through the game, the boss fights are probably your favorite part. Here’s the music that plays when battling in the depths of the jungle:

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