Temporary solution for Switch Pro Controller issue


This is a quick update on an issue with Mulaka on the Nintendo Switch that some users have reported.

If you’ve been trying to play Mulaka with your Switch Pro Controller while on tabletop mode, you probably wondered why the game wasn’t detecting the input of your shiny gamepad. We’re currently investigating this to issue a patch that solves the problem, but in the meantime, we’d like to share with you a temporary fix.

To play Mulaka on tabletop mode with your Pro Controller, simply sync up the Pro Controller with your Switch and remove the Joy Cons from the sides of the console. You don’t have to unsync them from your Switch, just remove them from the sides, and the game should recognize the Pro Controller as the primary input.

As a reminder, we released a patch earlier this week that fixes some bugs, increases the font size on some of the menus, and adds an option to invert the horizontal axis.


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,


Adolfo Aguirre

PR & Publishing Manager

Comments (3)

  • Kristoffer

    So excited for this game! Is the patch that you mentioned released in europe?

    April 21, 2018
    • Kristoffer

      And for Switch 🙂

      April 21, 2018
    • Lienzo

      It is!

      April 24, 2018

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