Mulaka makes an appearance in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes!

Hello, gamers!

We’ve been dying to tell you this for what it seems forever, but it’s finally time! Grasshopper Manufacturer, a video game studio led by legendary game designer Goichi Suda, commonly known as Suda51, just announced that Mulaka will make an appearance in their upcoming title Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for the Nintendo Switch, launching on January 18th, 2019!

Travis, the game’s protagonist, can wear different t-shirts inspired by various indie games, and among these titles is Mulaka. We’re also very excited to see Pato Box, a fantastic title by our friends at Bromio, featured in the game. Other notable games included in the line-up include Undertale, Steamworld Dig 2, Furi, SUPERHOT, Hollow Knight, and more.

Also, folks, it’s Black Friday and we have discounts on both Mulaka and Hunter’s Legacy across various platforms!

For Mulaka, choose your platform of choice and enjoy a nice discount!

And if you’re into some 2D platforming action, check out the sales on Hunter’s Legacy!


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