Listen to Tata’s Underground Trial music track!



We were going to reach out to you until next week, but we couldn’t wait anymore to show you an exciting new music track! Listen to the track of Tata’s Underground Trial, a dungeon-like cave area hidden somewhere in the north of Mexico. This place is better known as the Cueva de las Monas and it’s a legendary location due to the paintings on its entrance.


The track is also available on Soundcloud and you can even download it for offline listening  (we’re cool people, right?).

We had a fantastic week at E3 2017 with so many great minds and developers in the industry. Thanks a lot for your support! You can check out some impressions of Mulaka at E3 on Destructoid and Tech Raptor.

Mulaka C14

Summer time means one very important thing for us as gamers: sales. Our previous title, Hunter’s Legacy, is on sale RIGHT NOW on Steam and Xbox One! Get the game on Steam for 65% off and on Xbox One for 70% off!

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