Join the Lienzo Community on Discord!

Hello, peeps!

A few months ago, we opened a community group on Facebook for our fans, friends, and followers to hang out, discuss stuff and share gaming things. Some of you requested we opened a Discord server as well, and after thinking it through, we arrived to a very well thought and educated answer: Why the hell not?!

Join the Lienzo Community on Discord!

Over there, you’ll be able hang out with us, meet like-minded gamers, have discussions, play with us and other people, and even listen to music. There are cool bots, too. If you have any issues getting in, the invite code is S6anvAR.

You’ve probably seen already that we’ve been posting some Mulaka screenshots on our social media sites that were provided to us by members of our community. You can post yours on Facebook or on Discord on the #mulaka channel as well.

See ya there!


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,


Adolfo Aguirre

PR & Publishing Manager

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