Important announcement about Mulaka’s development

Hello, adventurers.

At Lienzo, while working on the development of Hunter’s Legacy, our 2D platform game to be released very soon for PC, we’ve been receiving questions every single week about the status of Mulaka. We are overwhelmed with the amount of support from the community and we understand that you want some updates on the project. Well, we got something to share with you.

We’re very happy and proud to announce that Mulaka: Origin Tribes has finally been officially funded in its entirety. Yes, the entire development of the game has been funded completely via private investment.

If you’re skeptical about this we can assure you that you have nothing to worry about, we’ve retained full control of the studio’s creative direction and focus, so Mulaka will get to your hands as per the team’s vision.

This only means one thing for the wonderful community of gamers that is following us: you’ll get to play the game soon. As of now, the entire studio has gone back to a full-time development of the title, committing ourselves to deliver the best product that is worthy of the long wait.

We’re very excited to share the latest development progress updates in the coming weeks.

Thank you very much for your patience. We invite you to stay tuned on our social media sites for all things Mulaka and more.

On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,

Adolfo Aguirre

Producer & Marketing Manager


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