Hunter’s Legacy is coming to Xbox One & PlayStation 4 on January 20th and 24th!


Console gamers, this is your moment!

Hunter’s Legacy is coming to the Xbox One on January 20th and to the PlayStation 4 on January 24th! Experience Ikki’s challenging quest now on your favorite console!

  • It’s one of the best of the genre I’ve played in years. – Gamespew
  • Genre fans should certainly give it a look. – Twinfinite
  • For pure entertainment value, you’re getting a lot. If you enjoy most Metroidvanias, even better. – COG Connected
  • #1 indie game of July 2016 on Steam. – Pop Geeks

The game will be available on both platforms for $6.99 USD. You can pre-order now on Xbox One or visit the official PlayStation webpage for Hunter’s Legacy.

We’ll be streaming the game on both dates while answering your questions and we’ll announce the schedule soon.

On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,

Adolfo Aguirre

Marketing & PR Manager



*Availability varies by territory. Hunter’s Legacy will be available on Xbox One on the following territories: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates & United States. On PlayStation 4, Hunter’s Legacy will be available on the Americas.

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      January 21, 2017

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