Games in Mexico: Cultural Support


It’s Friday already! You’ll now have some time to finish that game you’re playing, hang out with that friend, or watch a full season of a TV show while in your pijamas without showering… Yay!

We believe that support among game studios is super important, so we want to share with you some of the coolest projects that are being developed in Mexico! Enjoy Episode 2 of LienZone:

We’ve been attending several events at local universities recently and sharing our story and experiences with students and attendees. You can check out our full events schedule here.

For all of you gamers out there, we’ll be at the Gamevention gaming expo on Monterrey, Mexico this October 29th & 30th! We’ll be giving a talk, a workshop, and we’ll have a booth over there. 😉


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,

Adolfo Aguirre

Producer & Marketing Manager

P.S.: Have you visited our Hunter’s Legacy website? Honestly, it’s super nice. 🙂

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