First Post

I’m very exited, we’re finally starting up with our blog. I hope we can, through this medium, share our experiences on different projects and research, as well as valuable articles written by our team.

We are a young company, entrepreneurs and full of professional talent validated by our portfolios and curriculums; from the sublime musicians, incredibly prepared and dedicated programmers, to the lovely artists, 3D modelers and concept artists, and of course, we can’t stop including the administrative people who manage the development of the projects and ensure laboral productivity.

At Lienzo we are videogame fans, and we show this with the great pasion we work with day by day. Be it at our brain storming sessions, project continuity or financing strategy meetings, we are constantly driven by the desire of getting better at games.

Let me tell you briefly and without too many technical details: we are currently developing games for iOS, Android and PC. We’ve used the always realiable Flash for web games, although there are incoming big tendencies towards new web technologies dedicated to games.

Personally, I had a strongly game influenced childhood, I had a lot of fun with my friends reading game magazines and exchanging legendary tips for different titles. Today I have the chance to help create audiovisual entertainment, and I feel a responsibility for making other people experience those same great feelings I got when I was a kid.

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