Digital edition of “Making Mulaka” is now available!


We’re excited to tell you that the digital edition of “Making Mulaka” is now available as part of a very special bundle of game books! “Making Mulaka” is a Mexican tale of video games and the mighty Tarahumara and is written by Christian Cardenas. This book tells the story of how Mulaka got made, and it’ll be for sure a very interesting read for our wonderful community of followers and gaming aficionados.

The bundle is titled The Winter Power-Up Game Bundle and is a collection of books about video game history and culture. This includes wonderful readings diving into the NES era of games, the story surrounding the culture of id Software, the making of the indie hit Shovel Knight, and of course, the story behind Mulaka. You can get all books for just $15 USD.

A standalone release in both physical and digital editions will be available on Amazon later this month. We’ll share more info as soon as a firm release date is locked.


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,


Adolfo Aguirre

PR & Publishing Manager

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