Battle in the Copper Heights – Soundtrack update (& more!)

Hello, gamers!

While we’re working on exciting stuff that we’ll share later, we wanted to share with you yet another music track from the game on Soundcloud and YouTube. This time it’s the turn for the enemy encounters in the vast and majestic Copper Canyon.

On our last game update we added a picture mode that can be used at anytime during gameplay, and we’re supporting Mulaka in every platform where it’s available. Right now, you can enjoy a 25% discount on Xbox One if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member. Stay tuned to our social media sites to be notified when offers like this become available.

Gaming is a big part of who we are and we enjoy different titles across all platforms, so recently we’ve been playing some rounds and matches of various multiplayer games with members of our Discord server community. Join them to kick our asses in Rocket League and Mario Tennis Aces, or teach us how not to suck in Fortnite.


On behalf of everyone at Lienzo,


Adolfo Aguirre

PR & Publishing Manager

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