Based in Chihuahua, Mexico

Release date:
July 19th, 2016

PC & Mac OS
PlayStation 4 (January 24th, 2017)
Xbox One (January 20th, 2017)


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Hunter’s Legacy is a 2D single-player platformer game made up of characters and worlds from Universe of Something, a concept of a connected world that would span different games. The game is inspired by classics that we grew up playing and is a simple yet fun title designed to challenge gamers of any kind. In Hunter’s Legacy, you control Ikki, huntress of Un’Amak, a bipedal cat equipped with a variety of weapons and abilities, including swords and a bow and arrows.


Development of Hunter's Legacy began in late April, 2015. While the studio was actively seeking funding, two members of the team, an artist and a programmer, began work on Hunter's Legacy. Originally, the development was supposed to be a three-month thing for mobile, but the team realized soon that they had something bigger in their hands. Ikki's design comes from a real cat from the same name that the artist fed. This cat visited him daily for three months but suddenly disappeared. In her honor, Ikki was recreated in game form for our studio's first ever adventure! Now, after a year of working in this charming platformer, the game is available for PC on Steam!


  • Find the path to your next objective in a big connected world (hand-holding not included)!
  • 2D old school action-platforming at its finest!
  • Experience a frenetic adventure filled with dozens of enemies!
  • Battle your enemies while you enjoy an adrenaline pumping soundtrack!
  • Hit them with your swords or shoot them with your bow and arrows!
  • Find hidden secrets to purchase upgrades! Trust us, you’ll need them!


Hunter's Legacy Release Trailer YouTube

Hunter's Legacy Trailer #2: Enter the Kitty! YouTube

Announcement Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (10MB)
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Awards & Recognition

  • "#1 indie game of July 2016 on Steam" Pop Geeks, July, 2016
  • "Chosen for arcade expo" Different Games, April, 2016
  • "Greenlit by the community in three weeks." Steam Greenlight, October, 2015

Selected Articles

  • ""It's one of the best of the genre I've played in years.""
    - Joseph Sale, Gamespew
  • "Unleash the Kitty in Hunter's Legacy"
    - Evan Spadaccini, Indie Game Magazine
  • "Game Spotlight: Hunter's Legacy"
    - Mzehnmzehn, PC Games n News

Official website
Hunter's Legacy official website is available at lienzo.mx.

Steam Store
Hunter's Legacy is on the Steam Store at store.steampowered.com.

Hunter's Legacy is on IndieDB at indiedb.com.

About Lienzo

Lienzo is a video game development studio located in Chihuahua, Mexico. We create experiences that are up to the quality standard of this creative international industry. We know that video games are the ultimate medium for storytelling and we strive to leave a mark on the lives of gamers.

More information
More information on Lienzo, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Hunter's Legacy Credits

Adolfo Rico
Producer, Game Designer & Programmer, Lienzo

Adriano Hernández
Character & Environment Art, Lienzo

Ever Márquez
Programmer, Lienzo

Adolfo Aguirre
Marketing & QA, Lienzo

Ave Cantú & Vampiro Borja
Music, Freelancers

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