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Hunter's Legacy is available on Steam, Xbox One & PlayStation 4


We at Lienzo would like to thank all of our followers for all of their support. Without you we wouldn't had been able to develop Hunter's Legacy. This is as much your legacy, as it is ours.


In Hunter’s Legacy, you control Ikki, huntress of Un’Amak, a bipedal cat equipped with a variety of weapons and abilities, including swords and a bow and arrows.

  • Slash your enemies!
  • Prove your worth as an archer!
  • Upgrade your weapons!
  • Roll to dodge!
  • Unlock new abilities!
  • Big plethora of enemies!


  • There are secrets in every level!
  • Trade currency for power-ups!
  • Meet unique characters!

Hunter’s Legacy features a verticality that opens many traversing options for the player.